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Art Exhibition

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Centre Civic Ateneu Fort Pienc - Barcelona

2nd November - 1st December 2022

In the animal world, stealth is a vital skill. Many creatures use camouflage mechanisms to escape danger, stalk their victims and stay alive. It is a constant struggle for survival. In our reality, the ability to camouflage ourselves has evolved on a social and emotional level. Although at first the idea of hiding and blending in with the world we live in may be seen as something negative, as a lack of courage and personality, in reality it is part of our instinct and ability to survive. Life is constant change and we have to adapt in order to continue evolving. Feeling part of a whole, blending in with our surroundings, connecting with the wild and exploring our idea of identity and constant search for meaning can help us find the balance, peace and emotional well-being we crave.

Camouflage is a project born during these last two years of pandemic in which life has given us a new challenge, a new test to which we have had to adapt. This ability to adapt and, in short, to survive, has inspired me to create a series of works in which I reflect the ability we human beings have to transform ourselves, like animals, to overcome difficulties and move forward. 

In Camouflage I wanted to explore various themes, among others, fear, pain, instinct, desire, the power of transformation, freedom, meditation, connection with nature... This is a two-part exhibition: one traditional and the other digital. The first part comprises a series of drawings and illustrations made with various traditional techniques: pencil, charcoal, pen, ink, colour pencils, oil and acrylic paint. On the other hand, the virtual part has digital versions, transformations and deconstructions of the original works, as well as videos and animations in which I investigate other concepts and effects that I have found interesting. In short, this duality has allowed me to experiment and investigate that initial idea of change and transformation with which I wanted to achieve an interaction between the traditional and the modern.

Alberto Pitalua

In the following videos I would like to share with you the details of the creative process behind 'Camuflaje', the history and meaning of this project, and some of the visual experiments I made for the exhibition.

I hope you enjoy them.

Alberto Pitalua

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