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Art Exhibition

Participate Contemporary Artspace - Shrewsbury (UK)

28th May - 11th June 2016

'Metamorphobias' is a joint exhibition of recent drawings, paintings and sculptures by two UK-based artists: Jan Hunt from Dudley in the Black Country and Alberto Pitalua from Malaga in Southern Spain. Exploring the theme of transformation from their different cultural perspectives, in different media and forms, and through very different personal narratives, the two artists pursue a similar objective: to assert the liberating power of imagination.




A Surreal painter and illustrator, Alberto Pitalua has participated in several group shows in Shrewsbury and has just had his first solo show `Reinventing the Impossible´ at Bear Steps Art Gallery.







His new drawings and paintings introduce us to a unique and personal universe in which people, animals and natural forms undergo spectacular metamorphoses, exploring themes such as the passing of time, solitude, nostalgia, twisted evil, pompous fantasy, death and decay.


An art historian by training, Jan Hunt has always been fascinated by history and mythology, and in recent years has developed an interest in archaeology.













'The random and fragmentary nature of material survivals of the past leaves many gaps in interpretation, and provides enormous scope for an artist’s imagination to reconfigure the pieces and create an alternative and perhaps equally valid history'.

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