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Art Exhibition

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Bear Steps Art Gallery - Shrewsbury (UK)

1st - 14th May 2016

‘Reinventing the Impossible’ is the first solo show of Alberto Pitalua (Málaga, 1984). It comprises 20 works that explore the artist’s personal universe, focusing on different themes such as impossible love, punishment and apocalypse, allegorical portraits, a collection of impossible architecture and other magical and fantastic creatures.


Nothing is impossible. We can achieve everything, no matter how difficult it may seem’, says the artist, who from a very early age was fascinated by the unusual, the surreal and the power of imagination to create a new world, where everything is possible, far from the restrictions and limitations of modern society.

Reinventing the Impossible’ is a journey of self-discovery which tells a story of solitude, sacrifice and self-acceptance. I wanted to create a character who personifies emotional fragility, abandons her dreams and even rejects the possibility of love. This is represented by a masked woman at different stages of this journey, interweaving her dreams and fears. Only at the end of her life is she ready to accept her insecurities, take off her mask and re-emerge as a new and stronger person.'

Inspired by cinema, literature, fashion, travel and artists such as Dalí, Escher and Hieronymus Bosch, Alberto Pitalua has developed a unique personal style. His work is diverse and distinctive: oddly elongated portraits, gravity-defying cities and surreal creatures full of symbolism, mystery and magic. With his metaphorical and poetic works, the Spanish artist pursues to intrigue the viewers, challenging them to enter and engage with the mysteries concealed within his art.

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